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Giorgi Shanidze enjoys capturing quotidian occurrences, its places and people, with oil and acrylic over canvas, and in drawings.

A native of the Republic of Georgia, Giorgi Shanidze was born a true artist. He started to paint at age 3. Along with regular school, he attended art schools in his hometown, Tbilisi. He also expressed his passion for art through dance. Performing on stage from a very young age, he was surrounded by the history embodied in the dance of one of the oldest ethnicities in the world.


At the age of 16, being a principal dancer in The Company, Giorgi also joined Tbilisi Iakob Nikoladze Art School.  It is a leading Arts College where students are selected through a tough entrance exam. Upon admission, he started studying painting and drawing in the Faculty of Painting.


During his studies, he has taken several fine arts courses: Drawing, Painting, Composition, Painting Technology, and Drawing Perspective, along with painting teaching courses. He was fortunate to study with David Urushadze; a brilliant and renowned professor who mentored many successful generations of painters in Georgia. Giorgi graduated in 1996 with a Diploma in Painting Pedagogy.


Later, to pursue a higher degree in the Arts and fulfill his desire to paint, Giorgi finished his successful dance career and enrolled in Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts.  There he specialized in Motion Picture Design. He trained with Dmitri Takaishvili on Motion Picture Design and Illustration, and with Esma Oniani on Painting. Throughout his Academy training between 1996-1999, he was awarded High Honors in Painting, Drawing, and Motion Picture Design subjects.


Today Giorgi Shanidze is accomplished artist living and creating in Brookline, Massachusetts. His unique taste and strong professional training allow him success in many mediums from oil painting and drawing to doll making and sculpting. 

In 2012 Giorgi successfully participated in a group exhibition in Boston MA. In 2016 he was featured in “Design of New England” magazine for one of the murals, he created for local restaurants.

Giorgi is a member of the Copley society of Art since 2019.

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